Оборудование для ручной сварки и резки

Полуавтоматы (MIG-MAG)
Aristo™ Mig 4500i
  1411bMulti-process power sources combining MIG/MAG, pulse MIG, MMA and carbon arc gouging (450).
Reliable, smooth starts and ends supported by efficient hot-start and crater-fill functions.
Effective man-machine communication via a number of user-friendly control panels – M2, MA4, MA6 or AristoPendant U8.
A wide range of predefined synergic lines. The AristoPendant U8 offers a facility for creating and storing «tailor-made» synergic lines for any material or shielding gas combination. Memory for up to 99 welding parameters. The TrueArcVoltage System measures the correct arc voltage value independent of the length of the connection cable, return cable or PSF welding gun.
DeviceNet, CANopen and Profi bus are supported to create an effective interface to mechanised welding applications (applied solutions).
Aristo™ Mig 4500i
Напряжение сети, В/Гц 400-415/50-60
Плавкий предохранитель, А 20
Макс, ток, ПВ 30%, А 450
Макс, ток, ПВ 60%, А 425
Макс, ток, ПВ 100%, А 360
Диапазон свар, тока MIG, А 15-450
Диапазон свар, тока MMA DC, А 16-450
Напряжение холостого хода 65-80
Масса, кг 110


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