Оборудование для ручной сварки и резки

Полуавтоматы (MIG-MAG)
Origo™ Feed Airmatic, M10
  1304aThe push-pull system ensures smooth, problem-free wire feed which is especially important when welding soft aluminium or other thin wires.
Permits welding hose packages of up to 16 m.
Extended working radius with connection cables of up to 35 m.
Digital V/A meters (option).
TrueArcVoltage System, measures the correct arc voltage value independent of the length of the connection cable, return cable or welding hose package.
Extra versatility can be achieved by attaching a counterbalance device, wheel kit and hanging bracket. A separate feeder stand is also available.
Enclosed wire spool keeps the wire clean.
Origo™ Feed Airmatic
Габаритные размеры, ДхШхВ, mm 690x275x420
Вес, kg 15
Класс защиты IP23
Источник питания, V/Hz 42/50, 60
Скорость подачи проволоки, m/min max 15
Max размер катушки/вес, Ø mm/kg 300 (440)/18 (30)
Углеродистая сталь Ø 0,6-1,6
Нержавеющая сталь Ø 0,6-1,6
Алюминий Ø 0,8-1,6
Порошковая проволока Ø 0,8-1,6


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